Campbell’s Soup Trying to Appeal to “Hipsters”

What do hipsters love? Eating food out of pouches! That was the conclusion Camden-based Campbell’s soup came to after doing “anthropological” research on the much sought-after millenial generation.

The company dispatched executives to do fieldwork at “hipster hubs” where they met with younger consumers face-to-face…Campbell’s chefs even went on fact-finding missions at New York City’s hip food trucks for inspiration.

After hiding behind the hip bushes behind the hip food trucks feeding the hip people in hip New York City, they came up with this product: “A line of on-the-go microwavable soups called Go.” Ahh! So hip!

In fairness, we millenials have definitely exhibited an affinity for pouch-food; it’s called Go-Gurt and we were 9 when we ate it. [Forbes]