Drivers Actually Got Busted This Weekend Smuggling in Booze from Delaware

It’s no secret that Pennsylvanians routinely disobey the state law forbidding them from buying and transporting booze back from Delaware and Jersey, where it’s typically cheaper. See, supposedly civic-minded journalists not only flout the law–they brag about it!

Well, state police officially got fed up this weekend, and decided to take sadistic pleasure in busting unsuspecting law-breakers. They even gave their mission a cool name.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Adam Reed says through an enforcement effort called Operation Border Patrol, three were arrested for bringing big quantities of liquor from Delaware. “We cited three individuals with this detail for transporting large amounts of alcohol,” said Reed. “In these cases, we are talking over 100 bottles of wine and 300 bottles of beer, as well, in separate transactions, probably for Memorial Day parties.”

Goons! Damn goons! [Newsworks]