In Hopes of Securing State Funding, Hite Proposes Ending Teacher Tenure

This ought to boost his popularity with the teachers unions! Philadelphia Public Schools Superintendent William Hite has proposed ending teacher tenure and seniority provisions, in the hopes of receiving $120 million in state funding. (The schools are facing a $300 million deficit, hence the fact that 23 schools are being shut down next month.) House Republicans, who for the most part are not fans of tenure, and teachers unions in general, seemed quite pleased with Hite’s plan.

“It’s stunning and refreshing to hear from a Philadelphia superintendent,” [House Republican spokeman Steve] Miskin said. “I think we would definitely be willing to sit down and talk to him, and hear his ideas.”

Philadelphia teachers’ union president Jerry Jordan disputed the idea that tenure reform would be a “silver bullet” for funding. Other activists were none too pleased either.