Oh Great, Another Article About Philly Cheesesteaks: BBC Edition

This is the horrible paradox of being a Philadelphian: You groan and moan and wince and cringe every time some non-native know-nothing makes any sort of remark about Philly cheesesteaks, as if that’s all there is to the fifth-largest city in America. (Our eternal gratitude, along with the virginity of our first-born daughters, went to Anthony Bourdain after he refused to review cheesesteaks on his December “Layover” episode shot in Philly.) And yet. And yet. When someone decides to talk about cheesesteaks, we can’t resist tuning in.

Here, then, is a brief summary of the BBC’s new feature on the Philly Cheesesteak.

  • The Italian Market is full of Italians
  • Pat’s vs. Geno’s
  • Geno’s is much like Pat’s, but also different
  • There are also some other places too
  • Barclay Prime serves theirs with foie

Also, “favourite.”