Philly Only Has The 10th-Best Sports Fans?

So says the finance website Nerdwallet, but here’s what’s really galling: Dallas comes in first on the list. It’s not as though Nerdwallet meant to shame Philadelphia by ranking it after Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Denver, and Miami, yet the shame is still there. At least Nerdwallet made us sound OK:

The City that Loves You Back, and the city of terrible nicknames (Bobby “Clarkie” Clarke; Mike “Schmitty” Schmidt; etc.) is also a city full of invincible sports fans. From the Flyers to the Eagles, Philly never lets their fans down.  The Eagles and Flyers regularly fill stadiums past capacity.

No mention of booing Santa Claus? Weird.

At Philly Business Journal, Dell Poncet laments: “I’m sure the reporter who wrote the story, Candace Carlisle, with her alliterative name, is a very nice person who didn’t want to stick the knife in and twist. She probably didn’t even think of Philadelphia for a second. I mean, I doubt she even knew that the Dallas Cowboys are always wearing the black hats to Eagles fans. But there it is, sports fans, we are now ranked a lowly No. 10.”