Could Fox News Gosnell Documentary Result in a Mistrial?

Today, Kermit Gosnell’s lawyer arrived in court ripping mad that Fox aired an hour-long documentary called “See No Evil–The Kermit Gosnell Case” over the weekend. Wasn’t it likely that at least one of the jurors, who are still deliberating, saw it or caught wind of it? And if she did, surely her understanding of the case would be influenced.

At McMahon’s request, Judge Jeffrey Minehart asked the jury if they had seen the documentary, which aired on Friday night and over the weekend. No members of the panel said that they had seen it. Minehart nevertheless reminded the jury to avoid media coverage of the trial.

But might the Fox doc be his Kermit Gosnell’s new best friend? If nothing else, McMahon, who told reporters he’d “never seen anything so irresponsible in journalism,” could try to use “See No Evil” to argue for a mistrial. [Politico]