Temple Student Writer Racks Up Awards for G Philly

Brandon Baker snagged a couple accolades at the 2013 Student Journalism Awards Ceremony at Temple.

Brandon in the office of The Temple News, where he works as the Living copy editor.

G Philly‘s alit with pride today after Temple student writer Brandon Baker snagged not one but two accolades for stories he contributed to our quarterly magazine.

Yesterday, at Temple University’s annual Student Journalism Awards Ceremony, Brandon was presented the Excellence in Student Journalism Award: Feature Writing (and a $100 prize!) for “The Grindr Network.” The investigative piece, which uncovered the fact that the popular gay hookup app can also be used to wrangle important job contacts, appeared in the Spring Issue of G Philly. The award recognizes students who are doing work in journalism outside the classroom.

He also received the DeAnn White Scholarship for the work he did on “The Grindr Network” and a story on late porn star Joey Stefano that will appear in G Philly‘s summer issue. The $1,000 prize is meant to aid minority students in their journalistic pursuits.

Brandon is currently finishing up his junior year as a journalism major at Temple. Besides writing for G Philly — and cruising for jobs on Grindr — he is also the Living copy editor for The Temple News. If you haven’t already, pop over and read “The Grindr Network,” where you can leave a you-go-boy message for the intrepid writer in the comments section.

Congrats, Brandon!

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