This Is Why You Can’t Have A Nice Netflix

You may notice that Netflix doesn’t have quite so many TV shows and movies today. Why? Because Hollywood, that’s why!

Slate reports:

But to serious movie fans, especially those used to plumbing Netflix’s streaming library for lesser-known classics, May 1 is the end of an era: Streamageddon. It’s the day that hundreds of titles drawn from the vast Warner Bros. library, which includes pre-1986 titles from MGM and United Artists, will become exclusive to Warner Archive Instant, the classic film service that officially launched earlier this month.*

That asterisk is Warner officials denying that they required Netflix to pull the movies, and Netflix saying it merely decided to remove “less-watched titles” … like the James Bond franchise, which surely nobody cares about. The truth is murky, but the movies are gone.

Anyway, Warner Archive Instant doesn’t look that great unless you’re a real die-hard fan: It’s full of movies that haven’t been thought about for decades except by the most obsessive Tarantino-esque cineastes. But it costs $10 a month, so there’s that. As for me and my movie-watching household: We’ll probably just stick with our Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus subscriptions for streaming video.