This Is Why You Flush The Toilet On Your Virgin Airlines Flight

I’m not sure how to describe this lawsuit by one Salvatore Francesco Bevivino against Virgin Airlines, who got very angry after his flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco last spring. Everything started, apparently, when Bevivino pressed the call button to order his drink; an attendant asked him to make the order via a touch-screen menu embedded in the seat. Bevivino refused, got his drink anyway, and on a good day that would’ve been the end of that.

Except it wasn’t:

The passenger had little other interaction with the crew, but when the plane landed at San Francisco International, he was pulled aside and taken into custody by airport police and federal agents, the lawsuit states.

An incident report filed by San Francisco police shows authorities were called to the scene because the flight crew complained to the pilot that Bevivino was using profanities and not listening to instructions.

A flight attendant told police Bevivino said, “My time is precious, you are here to serve me,” and that he later used the lavatory but did not flush the toilet, according to the incident report.

Bevivino denied using any profanities. His attorney said the lavatory visit was a “non-event” and pointed out that the pilot told police that at no time did the flight crew feel threatened by Bevivino.

The upshot? Bevivino is apparently not of fair complexion, believes he could be mistaken for a native of the Middle East, and believes he was racially profiled. Now’s suing for $500,000.