Boston Police: Three More Arrests In Bombings

[Update 3 p.m.] The Wall Street Journal makes the newly charged conspirators sound like small fries:

U.S. prosecutors on Wednesday charged two men with destroying evidence after the Boston Marathon attacks and a third man with lying to investigators about his involvement in the matter.

Prosecutors alleged the two helped dispose of a laptop computer and backpack containing fireworks belonging to Mr. Tsarnaev. A third person charged, Robel Phillipos, a 19-year-old U.S. citizen, is accused of lying to federal investigators.

[Original story] Right now, this is all we know:

NPR reported Tuesday that investigators were looking at a dozen or so people who might’ve helped the Tsarnaev brothers carry out the attack on the marathon. “Officials (said) that among those being investigated are two students from Kazakhstan who were friends of the Tsarnaev brothers. The two students were arrested in New Bedford, Mass., shortly after the bombings and are being held on immigration charges.”