Angry, Cursing Chris Christie Has Returned

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie never disappoints—or, at least, he doesn’t do so for long. After making his name as a tough-talking rootin’ tootin’ take-no-prisoners sheriff of Jersey,  the gov had seemed to get in touch with his softer side in recent months, praising President Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy and generally being a soft, cuddly teddy bear.

No more.

AP reports that Christie on Tuesday used “salty language” in criticizing Jersey Shore homeowners who don’t want to see sand dunes built as storm barriers to reduce storm damage the next time a hurricane pops up. Some owners fear dunes will lead to other, unwanted construction in their neighborhoods.

“I have no interest in building anything other than a dune. I don’t want to build a road, I don’t want to build a shower, I don’t want to build a hut. Any knucklehead neighbor of yours that says: ‘Oh, Christie comes in, there’s going to be showers, a bathroom, a hot dog stand.

“Let me use a word,” Christie said, urging parents of the handful of children in the room to cover their ears.

“Bull—-!” he roared, using the full version of BS. “That’s what it is! They don’t want their views blocked.”

No lying: This version of Christie is more fun than the soft, cuddly teddy bear.