NRA Gun Show in Harrisburg Won’t Actually Sell Guns

The NRA is sponsoring a gun show in Harrisburg…where it won’t sell guns.

Vendors will be allowed to display firearms — including AR-15s and other guns that promoter Reed Exhibitions would have banned from the now-defunct Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show.

But they’ll stay behind the glass. The Great American Outdoor Show, as it’s being called, is meant to replace Eastern, which the NRA pulled out of after it announced it wouldn’t sell guns. After the NRA pulled out, the show fell apart. The NRA, and other groups boycotted it, saying the decision infringed upon Second Amendment rights. The show will take place in February, 2014.

In response to Wednesday’s announcement, the Patriot-News asked the NRA how this no-sales policy furthered its pro-Second Amendment stance.  An NRA spokesman did not respond to that question, though he did answer others.

Are we experiencing a detente in the gun control wars? [Patriot-News]