Yo! Chinatown Buses Return To Philly

A year after the federal government shuttered most of the independent Chinatown bus lines traveling up and down the I-95 corridor, NBC 10 reports that Peter Pan Bus Lines and Greyhound have partnered to reintroduce the service: YO! Bus travels between Chinatowns in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia with fares starting as low as $12 per trip.

These buses are a little fancier than the old Chinatown buses of yore; they include wifi services and leather seats with extra legroom. NBC reports: “The monster bus companies intentionally kept YO! Bus true to its Asian roots while giving it a bit of Philly flair. The name alone has dual meaning as it’s derived from the Chinese word meaning “to protect” as well as serving as a nod to Philadelphians’ favorite “Yo” greeting, according to the company’s website.” In Philly, the YO! bus can be boarded at the Greyhound station at 1001 Filbert.