Top 5 Best Philly Parody Accounts on Twitter

Plus: Five accounts we desperately wish we were funny enough to write.

Social media experts and holier-than-thou journalists (ahem) will tell you that Twitter changed the way we receive information. The rest of humanity will tell you that Twitter changed the way we receive jokes. Whether it’s known local comedians like Chip Chantry or one of the many hilarious local parody accounts, Philly’s web presence is teeming with humor. Here, five of the best joke accounts in the city.

Gosling’s Nutter

@HeyGirlItsMike is way, way under-followed—only 29 of y’all have found this thing?—but especially funny for the part of the Venn diagram where Ryan Goslin fan girls and Philly news junkies intersect.


The standard by which all other parody accounts should be measured, @FakeWIPCaller nails the feelings of sports fan across the region. He recently made my list of Philly’s most influential Twitter accounts.

Den Danvir

Dan Denvir is a staff writer for Citypaper. The Philly Post’s Joel Mathis noted that he’s earned “his reputation as a self-righteous pain-in-the-ass, an unabashed class warrior and the Philadelphia journalist most likely to start a public argument with other journalists over their failures to meet his standards of reportorial decorum.” @DenDanvir is his internet alter-ego. He’s been quiet for a while, but we never known when he’ll swipe at other journalists.

Frank Rizzo

@RizzosGhost is the most recent addition to Philly’s weird Twitter subculture. He’s racist. He’s vulgar. He’s totally inappropriate. Just like the real Frank Rizzo.

Finnish Howard Eskin

The bio fro @SuomiEskin says everything you need to know: “Howard Eskin’s tweets translated to Finnish, then back to English.” It’s so silly; how can you not love it?

Philly’s Twittervese is not complete when it comes to parody accounts, though. While I’m not funny enough to actually write any of the following accounts, I’d like to implore Philly’s funniest tweeters to consider the following as possible parody accounts. I promise lots of retweets and shameless adoration.


People are still really, really upset about the loss of Temple basketball coach Fran Dunphy’s famous facial hair. Click here to see evidence. Jokes about it would kill on Twitter.


The Mutter Museum is home to the conjoined liver of Chang and Eng, the famous Siamese twins. The twins should alternate control of the Twitter account and share funny facts about what’s happening at the museum and what it’s like to share organs with a brother. Sibling rivalry is funny. Just ask the Brady Bunch.


Joke-tweets from prison or just lists of items he’d buy with #OtherPeoplesMoney: either way, Philly comedy gold.


This year, we, the people of Pennsylvania, celebrate 60 years of Peeps, the marshmallow candy made in the Lehigh Valley. In recent years, Peeps have gotten their own car, a VW Bug that travels across the country spreading sugar-coated love. It’s weird, it’s wacky, it needs a place to share all its feelings about Peep jousting and those uncomfortable Peeps show photos.


While I couldn’t confirm the legitimacy of @Georges_Perrier, I do know that his parody account would include a lot of “feeeeeeeeeck” in place of a four-letter F-word that is not appropriate for English-language Twitter.