Cop-Car-Stealing Couple Just Wanted to Quit Heroin, Get Warm

AP reports that Blake Bills and Shayna Sykes—the couple that stole two police cars and led Philly police on a wild chase earlier this month, leading to both this immortal Daily News cover and this immortal collection of GIFs from Dan McQuade—were coming off a three-day heroin binge and talking of quitting the drug altogether when the chase happened.

“The plan was just to get a car. Everything else was improv,” Blake Bills, 24, said in a police statement put in evidence at his preliminary hearing Monday. “I wanted to be warm and mobile and I saw a police car.”

The testimony came in a preliminary court hearing on charges of  driving-under-the-influence, along with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, vehicular theft and other charges. The pair remain in custody—both warm and drug-free, one assumes.