The Money Bracket: Which Schools Spend the Most on College Hoops

There a million ways to fill out an NCAA bracket. Mascot. Underdogs. Overdogs. Nate Silver. Or this way, courtesy of The New Yorker: Which teams spend and generate the most money through their college hoops programs. Here’s a sample of what the bracket would look like, if the biggest spender won this year. (Duke, duh.)

How do Philly’s schools stack up? Villanova leads the way, as the 20th-biggest spender in this year’s field, at $6,398,678. Next is Temple, in 39th place. Finally, little old LaSalle clocks in at 51. For the record, #14 seed Harvard spends four times less than #3 seed New Mexico, over which it scored a monumental upset last night. [New Yorker]