Hunty Games: Get a Whiff of this Eau de Drag Queen

Every week, Tammy Faymous rucaps the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.

After the predictable “SHANTAY YOU BOTH STAY” last week, Roxxxy poured more of her heart out and the girls fumed that there were still seven sisters of sin left in the competition. Alaska reminded us she is the only one yet to win a challenge, while Coco waved her comedic win in the faces of the comedy queens.

Mini-Challenge Rucap: In probably the hottest, most boner-inducing moment in Drag Race herstory, the pit crew was expanded to 20-plus. Sexy, oiled up models graced the workroom with abs of steel and packages of magnum capacity. The queens had to play a game of match package with the models undies. We couldn’t tell who was winning or losing, just that they were getting flustered and frazzled over the pit crew. Ivy Winters ending up winning in the end and got to call (and cry) home to Momma.

Main-Challenge Rucap: The girls had to create their own signature fragance with a unique and clever marketing campaign. Ru read each queen in the workroom, from Ivy for a lack of individuality to Roxxxy for smelling like iHOP. During the commercial segments, Michelle Visage and guest judge Aubrey O’Day were equally as harsh. Coco Montrese’s Lion King-inspired marketing campaign was extremely tacky. It also didn’t help that she involved Ru’s name in the whole thing. Ivy Winter’s really missed the mark on the whole thing, especially mistaking a Tokyo cityscape for NYC. Landing her in the bottom, she was joined by Alyssa whose fragrance “Alyssa’s Secret” left not much to be desired and a lot to be feared. Aubrey O’Day, who looks like she could have been a contestant on Season 1 regardless of her real lady working parts, has been the harshest critic so far this season. She ripped the girls to shreds, but her criticism was valid and on-point. One that escaped her claws was the 49th state, Alaska, who created the only fragrance Aubrey would actually wear. All the others, she viciously compared to a grandmom’s vagina. For her clever concept, comedic campaign, and new runway silhouette, Alaska won her first challenge. Finally!

Jinkx wants to spray her woman juice all over Ivy.

Also during this week’s episode, we encountered a possible budding romance between Jinkx and Ivy. They both confessed a connection with each other to the camera and later, Jinkx told Alaska she had a crush.

Runway Yes’s: Alaska brought her red fragrance concept with some added business glam. Jinkx wowed the judges with a retro 1920s, Thoroughly Modern look. I even loved Alyssa’s ’80s emerald green suit.

Runway Oh-Honey-No’s: Something didn’t fit right with Detox, and I hated Coco’s zany zebra look. Judges read her for over accessorizing while I just think the whole thing was a fail. Also, Roxxxy looked stuffed in that pink pleather sausage suit tied off with an awkward bow in the front.

Lip-Sync-Off: I knew Ivy would be no competition for seasoned Alyssa, but this is two weeks in a row that Alyssa has had to lip sync for her life. I have a feeling that next week we will see Coco and Alyssa in the bottom, where, finally, one of these two will be sent home. But this week, it was Ivy’s turn to sashay away. I loved this queen, and think she brought elegance and respect to the competition. However, I do think it was her time to go.

Best Sound Byte: “Water off a ducks back.” —Jinkx Monsoon

Tammy’s Top Three: It can be anyone. Each queen has won once. That’s it. All of these queens are serving from week to week but are there are any standouts? One week they are on top and the next week they are on the bottom. Raja and Sharon consistently served the entire season from beginning to end. It is time for Coco and Alyssa to go regardless of how entertaining they are during interviews. I love Jinkx and Alaska, and I hope they can continue doing well ’cause it seem likes they’re coming into their own with these challenges.

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