Philly Is Becoming a Fashion Town

Philadelphia fashion has long been linked to the dreaded sweatpant, but a new, ultra-stylish city is emerging. Here, the best dressed power players, designers and bloggers that the city has to offer—and why we might just kiss our sweatpants stigma goodbye.

Welcome to our fashion-packed guide to the new, ultra-stylish Philly. We jumped, heels-first, into the fabulous world of our city’s ever-evolving style scene to bring you the very best of what’s out there, starting with the wave of talented fashion designers who are working to turn Philly into a bona fide Fashion Town. But designers can’t do it alone, and we rounded up the Who’s Who of the Philly fashion world—the power players, fashion bloggers, retail doyennes and more who are quickly putting our town on the fashion map. Finally, in what is probably our chicest photo shoot ever, we rounded up the 20 best dressed Philadelphians (painstakingly whittled down from a list of nearly one hundred!). You’ll want to see who made our cut (hint: it includes a supremely dapper Flyers player, the most well-dressed attorney ever, and the Chanel-wearing woman behind the most fabulous wardrobes of the Main Line, among others). Plus, we’ve got even more exclusive shots of this sartorially gifted group, including the accessories and details (and behind-the-scenes secrets!) you might have missed in the magazine. Enjoy!

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