Philly Cop, Caught on YouTube Punching Woman, Is Acquitted

6 ABC reports: “The former Philadelphia Police lieutenant, who was on trial for punching a woman in an incident that was caught on video, has been found not guilty. The verdict was handed down Tuesday morning. It was a bench trial for Jonathan Josey, which means the ruling was solely up to the judge. The judge said the short video clip “didn’t tell the whole story.” …  On the witness stand earlier this month, Josey was near tears while telling the judge he swung at Guzman to knock a beer bottle out of her hand, and he wasn’t trying to hurt her. He said he and other officers were hit with beer from behind and, each time he turned to see who did it, he saw Guzman jumping up and down. Josey conceded he never saw Guzman throw beer.”

Which means, apparently, it’s OK for a Philadelphia Police officer to knock stuff out of your hands—even if that officer never saw you using the stuff in your hands improperly, and even if that officer misses and “accidentally” slugs you hard enough to knock you to the ground? The question now becomes: Will Josey get his job back with the police? Maybe parlay his old status as a “Sexy Single” into something better? And who you gonna believe? Josey or your own lying eyes?