The Perelmans Are Now Fighting Other Families With Similar Names

Some families have Scrabble night. Others amuse themselves by suing one another. The famous Perelmans are at it again, except this time, instead of competing with one another, the philanthropically-inclined family is trying to out-do other families. After catching wind of some people called the “Perlmans” trying to take away their “The E Is Silent” mojo, and donate a bunch of money to Penn, the Perelmans decided to fight back.

Round 1: On January 30th, Richard and Ellen Perlman donated $1.65 million to an entrepreneurship competition that was subsequently named after them.

Round 2: On February 4th, Ronald Perleman, son of Raymond, upped the ante and donated $25 million for a new political science and economics center, at 36th and Chestnut.

Either that, or they just thought the Perlmans were the Perelmans, and instinctually started competing with themselves. [Daily Pennsylvanian]