Nutter Asks Supreme Court to Allow Him to Do Whatever He Wants

A few weeks ago, Michael Nutter told District Council 33 that if they didn’t accept his final offer on a new contract, agreement he would take some form of unspecified action. That action? Asking a Common Pleas court to impose his terms on the union directly. (The city’s blue-collar union has gone contract-less since 2009.) Now, just a week later, the impatient mayor is trying to skip that step altogether by asking the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to hear the case.

As the Daily News reports, Ed Rendell’s Housing Authority tried to do exactly this in 1993, in an effort to impose terms on the security guards’ unions. The Supreme Court said ‘um, no thanks we’re not touching this one,’ and let a previous decision that ruled in the workers favor stand. The Nutter admin thinks that decision was bogus and believes it has the right to tell city workers to do as they say. [Daily News]