Video: Homophobic Pastors and Politicians Who Were Really Gay

Amidst all the hate being spewed by religious leaders, let's remember that they're probably just big ol' queens themselves.

Perhaps it’s the latest Boy Scouts news that has anti-gay folks in a tizzy this week — or maybe there’s something in the water that’s making their inner gay feel extra restless — but the past few days have seen a flurry of  horrendous comments from religious leaders and politicians.

The most ridiculous offender? Colorado pastor Kevin Swanson, who recently warned that if his state decides to approve civil unions, gay-friendly churches will set out on a manhunt to burn Christians at the stake, and people will steal children out of good homes and hand them over to pedophile groups.

Stupidest offender? In San Francisco — San Francisco of all places! — dumbass Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said, “Legislating for the right for people of the same sex to marry is like legalizing male breastfeeding.” Talk about mommy issues. Gross.

The most just-plain-ignorant offenders? Today, the Wyoming Senate rejected a bill that would ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity because it “would create a ‘protected class’ of employees and result in lawsuits, as well as impinging on ‘religious freedom.’”

Oh well, you know what they say about the loudest opposers of the gay community. Join me in laughing off all the absurdity with this funny video (above) of big-time homophobic pastors and politicians who later came out as homosexuals.

Let’s leave on a positive note:

Congrats to New Mexico! Today, lawmakers voted to pass a gay-marriage bill that would send the issue to ballots in November. From here, the bill needs to pass one more committee and run its course in the state’s Senate and House of Representatives. Good luck!