Philly Lawmaker Wants “Negro Mountain” Name Change

State Rep. Rosita Youngblood has restarted her odyssey to rename “Negro Mountain,” a 30-mile ridge in the Alleghenies situated on the Maryland border. She’s been trying to change the name since 2007, but never managed to bring about the change.

The mountain was named for a slave named “Nemesis”—and how awesome is that name?—who was mortally wounded during the French and Indian War. Youngblood wants the honor t0 continue, just in a different form:

All historical accounts state that Negro Mountain took its name from this battle, notably from the heroism of the “Negro” Nemesis who gave his life to protect the other volunteers. Youngblood said that it is time for Pennsylvania to give Nemesis the respect and recognition he deserves.

“Although the name of Negro Mountain may not directly offend residents of the Commonwealth, government officials should take steps to rename the mountain for the man, not the race of the man, who saved the lives of so many,” Youngblood said. “I am not looking to rewrite history. Nobody questions that Nemesis was a brave man, and the intent of naming Negro Mountain was to honor his sacrifice. But we live in different times where we must recognize the person, not label them by the color of their skin.”

And again: “Nemesis Mountain” sounds pretty awesome. [PA House.]