Lawsuit: Proposed Philly School Closings Are Racially Biased

Want to bring a proposed school closing to a dead halt? Try a lawsuit. The group Action United has filed suit against the Philly school district, complaining that the pattern of proposed school closings is racially discriminatory:

Action United spokeswoman Quanisha Smith (third from left in photo) says African-American students make up 56 percent of the district’s students but 81 percent of those in the schools being closed.

“These recommended closures will create educational deserts in African-American communities,” she said today.

Action United has asked for a moratorium on the closures.

The group has an ally in Councilwoman Jeannie Blackwell.

“Nobody can figure out any other reason why they’re doing it,” she said,  “so naturally (the minorities) say, ‘We’re being picked upon.’ [KYW Newwsradio]