Andrew Bynum May Play Soon For Sixers. But Probably Not.

If you close your eyes real hard, click your heels three times, you can almost believe that your dreams will come true:

The Philadelphia 76ers have been patiently waiting for the return of prized offseason pickup Andrew Bynum from a knee injury. That wait may finally be nearing its end.

Bynum is doing more and more work each day, and according to Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News, ran “as hard as any media has seen him so far” on an anti-gravity treadmill on Sunday. On Friday, Bynum was on the court working on low post spin moves and testing his knees with hard plants and cuts.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, sorry, it’s just hard for to keep a straight face at the idea of Bynum actually playing for the Sixers. This odyssey took a turn for the surreal once it was revealed that a bowling injury had delayed his return to the court. When that news broke, the Sixers were still 6-4, and looking like another Doug Collins team of overachievers. Since that time, they’re 12-21, and yes they beat the Knicks the other night, but the Knicks aren’t that good.

The point being: Even if Bynum comes back this year A) It’s probably already too late and B) His knees are always bad. Maybe it’s time to move on. [SB Nation]