Would You Like To Be As Well-Rested As a Philadelphia Flyer?

Given their stumbling start to this truncated NHL season, some fans might argue the Philadelphia Flyers are a bit too rested these days. Guys wake up! The games have started! Still, it appears that the Flyers are attracting the attention of employers around the nation, businesses interested in ensuring their employees are well-rested and thus maximally productive during the work day.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

At the more extreme end of the intervention scale, some are calling upon Litebook Company Ltd., a Canadian maker of lights that help regulate the body’s melatonin levels. The company, which supplies devices to the Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators to help athletes cope with jet lag and game schedules, said it is getting calls from corporations interested in making the lights available at workstations and desks.

It’s all in an effort to keep worker fatigue from slowing down the businesses themselves, the paper reports: “The risks of fatigue are especially acute in professions like health care and manufacturing, which involve overnight shifts and where a single careless error can put lives in danger.” It’s also helpful, apparently, when it comes to scoring goals and playing a fresh game of hockey in the light-deprived Russian provinces during the winter. For the  Flyers, though, a good night’s sleep is the only reward they’re getting these days.