Silver Linings Playbook Could Replace Rocky As Source of Philly Movie Cliches

If you’ve ever been to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on a halfway warm day, you’ve no doubt noticed the waves and waves and waves of tourists who jog—at first energetically, usually flagging about a third of the way—up the steps, in much the same style that Sylvester Stallone did in Rocky nearly 40 (!!!!!) years ago.  It’s a movie moment that just won’t quit.

The latest cinematic love letter to Philadelphia, Bradley Cooper’s Silver Linings Playbook, doesn’t seem to contain any moment quite so iconic, but it may be reviving interest from the rest of the world in this city as a place to come visit and have fun. You already know that the Llanerch Diner—where Cooper and on-screen love interest Jennifer Lawrence—has a line of people waiting to sit in the booth where the couple has their first on-screen meal.

Now comes the L.A. Times, which—much like the New York Times a week agois featuring Philadelphia as a travel destination, only with an explicit Silver Linings Playbook tie-in. (Then again, it’s L.A.: Movie references are the only connections the natives there make to the outside world.) The Times’ recommendations?

The Philadelphia skyline is prominently featured in the film, and the tallest of those buildings is the 58-floor Comcast Center. You can start your tour with a viewing of the Comcast Experience, depicting nature imagery, urban landscapes and more.

After you’ve been wowed by this super-sized screen, hail a cab or hop in your car and head to the Philadelphia Eagles’Lincoln Financial Field. Tours of the field are available year-round and include stops in the press room, the field, the locker room and more.

The recommendations are pretty generic, actually, which makes it harder for the new movie to replace Rocky as the Philly-est movie of all time. But the Philadelphia Marketing and Tourism Corporation is probably happy to get whatever boost it can. [L.A. Times]