Are Boyz II Men Making a Major Comeback?

“Boyz II Men” is trending on Twitter Philadelphia, probably for the first time in Twitter’s seven year history. Well, technically, “Boys II Men” is trending, but I can only assume that this is because many of the people on Twitter right now weren’t even alive when the Boyz released Cooleyhighharmony way back in 1991, back in the days when replacing “-s” endings with a “-z” was new and different. (Feeling old yet?)

The reason for this Twitter anomaly is that the NTOKB (formerly known as New Kids On the Block), 98 Degrees and the Boyz have announced a summer tour called, um, The Package. Is there anyone else out there who thinks that the Boyz should get top billing (but certainly won’t)?

It should also be noted that the Boyz recently landed a temporary residency at the Mirage in Las Vegas. That gig commences on March 1st, and the tour kicks off in May, making a stop at the Wells Fargo Center on June 15th. A huge homecoming.

Below, the video for the Philly group’s first single, with an appearance by Questlove.