Welcome to KC: Andy Reid Addresses Nation’s 31st-Largest Media Market

Andy Reid addressed reporters today in Kansas City in what should be the start of a long, fruitless relationship with the press for frustrated KC media. Andy Reid, with only one paper to work with, and no major cable station, will be delighted. In his remarks, Reid shouldered the blame for the crappy season (as is his wont), called Philadelphia “phenomenal people” three times, then flattered KC fans by calling them “the sea of red.” No surprises, besides the mild shock of seeing Reid wearing a red tie with little tiny arrowheads and a Chiefs lapel pin. At least one Philly reporter, however, thinks that Kansas City’s going to bring out a new man in post-game podium Andy.

Reid is actually a genial guy with a funny, dry sense of humor. But in Philadelphia, he chose not to bear that side of himself, instead remaining publicly reserved. He may get that chance to be a football coach and nothing more in Kansas City.

If a coach says something funny, but nobody’s ever heard him say it, does he have a good sense of humor? [CBS 3]