PA Delegation Plays Nice as Fiscal Cliff is (Semi) Averted

A day after we careened over the looming cliff (what, you didn’t feel it?), the frisky and mischievous House of Representatives finally approved the Senate bill to raise taxes on individuals earning over $400,000 and families earning more than $45o,000, though Republicans voted NAY on the whole. Also: Long-term unemployment insurance was extended, the capital gains rate was raised, the payroll tax cut expired, and a likely hike in milk prices was staved off. Next up in Washington…the fiscal cliff! See, the deal also postponed a vote on automatic spending cuts to the military and various domestic programs, so look forward to that in two months. Keystone-side, things stayed nice and responsible. Every member of PA’s delegation voted for the deal, including Sen. Pat Toomey, who did an about-face on his beloved no-tax pledge. [CBS News]