Pete Rose to Star in Reality TV Show

Pete Rose, all-time MLB hits leader, and erstwhile Phillies first-baseman, will star in a TLC reality show with his Playboy Playmate fiancee. Since Rose was banned from baseball in 1989 for gambling on his own games, his life has been a series of publicity stunts and get-out-of-debt quick schemes. Here’s a rundown.

1989: Rose denies gambling accusations in autobiography released 3 months after his ban.

1998: Rose begins dabbling in professional wrestling, appearing as a WrestleMania guest announcer, and taking a “Tombstone” from Kane. In ’99 he dressed as the San Diego Chicken to attempt a sneak attack on his new rival. He was invited back periodically until 2010.

2004: Rose finally admits to betting on baseball after 15 years of steadfast denial in his poorly-received memoir “My Prison Without Bars,” which was optimistically released two days before the Hall of Fame announced its latest class. No dice.

2006: Rose signs baseballs “I’m sorry I bet on baseball,” which are still available eBay.

2007: Rose doubles down on his earlier confession, admitting to reporter that he not only gambled, but bet on his teams “every night.”

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