Looks Like Corbett’s Got Another Challenger

Washington County State Senator Tim Solobay is reportedly expanding an already bloated field of Democratic challengers. While Solobay lacks star power, he’s got geography on his side. Of the 15 rumored Dems seriously mulling a run for Governor in 2014, he’s the only one from natural-resource rich southwestern Pennsylvania. Reports Pa Politics, which had the scoop:

Solobay could have a built-in fundraising base (in a primary, if not a general). He is extremely well regarded by the natural gas drilling companies whose executives have contributed substantially to Pa. campaigns in recent years. He has voted in line with Republicans on most Marcellus issues.

If he’s got any sense in him, Solobay will find a way to remind the general public of the time he single-handedly fought off four Harrisburg muggers. [PA Politics]