Pornos Not Returning to the Forum

Last week, Victor Fiorillo reported that Market Street’s last great porn palace, the Forum, had closed. Now, owner David Fineman has confirmed that not only will the 37-year-old theater remain shut, but nothing seedy will replace it. Like most traditional media platforms, adult theaters have more or less been done in by the internet. Apparently out of cash, the Forum’s operator Anthony Trombetta was sued by the building’s landlord in September for failing to pay $29,000 in rent, and handed an eviction notice on November 30th. After a careful review of Philly’s adult theater scene, it looks like the best bet for old-school porno nostalgics would now be the Dream Boutique on 6039 Passyunk Ave. But by all means let me know in the comments if you’ve got one better. [Inquirer]