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Music, art and celebrity defined Lance Loud's life

Still need to find that perfect gift? We have some great gift ideas – just in time for all the house parties, soirees and gift exchanges that are filling up our calendars this festive month.

Lance Loud became America’s first reality television star when he became the subject of the documentary An American Family. He was also arguably the first

Snap away with the Fujifilm Instax 210

real-life, openly gay man to hit the boob tube. His mother and photographer friend Christopher Makos have put together a gorgeous book – Lance Out Loud – with dozens of photos of Loud’s life – including his early years, his stint in the punk band The Mumps, and his hob-knobbing with famous folks like Andy Warhol.

Take your own Polaroid-style photos with the Fujifilm Instax 210. This point-and-shoot comes with a built-in film slot that lets you print out pics directly from the camera. It’s the prefect party favor for anyone who can’t wait to download the images of your friends’ legendary behavior.

Wrap your iPhone with original art by Kennie Bowen

Make spending more fun with a card folio by Coach

Who needs cash and carry when you live by plastic alone? Treat him to a tanned leather card case from Coach in a vibrant color. This handsome accessory keeps credit, business and ID cards in order – and is slim enough to slip into a pocket without doing damage to those skinny jeans. Plus – monogramming is available for that extra special touch.

Tired of the glut of overpriced (and dull) smart phone covers? Philly-based artist Kennie Bowen has created a unique line of iPhone skins that have us going gaga. The eccentric images feature Asian-inspired motifs with a kind of comic book twist. The best part is that you can

Pack it up in Herschel style

slap a local artist’s original work – and amazing conversation piece – on that tech toy none of us can seem to live without.

Recharge your fitness regime

Add some color to your holiday travel itinerary with a Novel duffle from Herschel Supply Co. These streamlined, waterproof zip bags are ideal for a weekender or jaunt to the gym to work off all those Christmas cookies you’ve been downing at the office.

Drink it up, darkly

Don’t forget your Nike FuelBand – a wrist tracker that straps on to take count of your movements throughout the day. This space-age band features LED lights that inspire you to walk, run and move more – even a trek to UBar at happy hour counts, making this a truly addictive experience.

Everybody must get whiskey stones

Spruce up happy hour with the Ayers Skull & Bones bar set from Ralph Lauren. The hand-blown glassware is encased in black crystal with hand-cut Goth-inspired motifs. The sexy set comes with a decanter and tumblers. And, trust us, it will be the talk of the party.

Add some whiskey stones for even more character. These ice imitators give the rocks glass concept a whole new meaning. Not only do the

A scent as sexy as its originator

stones add a chill to your favorite spirit, but they won’t water it down. And rather than deal with all those awkward ice cube trays, all you need to do is rinse, pop them in the freezer and reuse.

Lock it or wear it - yes, it's that stylish

Smell better with Tom Ford Noir. This deep, dark and sexy fragrance is inspired by the Orient with a manly sophistication that will make anyone swoon.

Now this is a bike lock. Alexander Wang has made the whole lock-and-go experience sexy with a black matte metal chain and faux snakeskin pad lock that will keep your two-wheeler safe in style. Don’t have a bike? Wear it as jewelry, tough guy, and get thee to The Bike Stop pronto.