Reefer Sadness: Why Won’t President Obama End His Pot Crackdown?

Colorado and Washington didn’t just help President Obama win re-election last month—during the same election, those states also legalized the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana by individuals. Now: The president apparently dabbled in weed in high school and ended up none the worse for it—he is the president, after all—he’s showing little sign of live-and-let-live where legalization is concerned, Tim Dickinson reports: “Although the president pledged to go easy on medical marijuana – now legal in 18 states – he has actually launched more raids on state-sanctioned pot dispensaries than George W. Bush, and has threatened to prosecute state officials who oversee medical marijuana as if they were drug lords. And while the administration has yet to issue a definitive response to the two new laws, the Justice Department was quick to signal that it has no plans to heed the will of voters.” Bummer. [Rolling Stone]