For Train-Wreck Evacuees, the Party Don’t Stop

If not for that totally awful vinyl chloride spill in Paulsboro we mentioned earlier, this totally awesome group of Paulsborites would not have, like, finally met and, like, totally gotten down to some serious partying last night at the motel Conrail rented for them:

Greenwich Township police say they responded to a disturbance at a Motel 6 on Swedesboro Avenue in the Gibbstown section about 10:28 p.m. Monday. Once there, they were informed of a large, out-of-control party at the motel.

Police arrested 22 people, including six juveniles. All were charged with disorderly conduct.

But additional charges are pending for possession of marijuana, crack cocaine, alcohol and narcotics paraphernalia. More charges could be added for maintaining a nuisance and supplying alcohol to minors.