The Daily Shuts Down, Takes the Future of Journalism With it

There was a time, less than two years ago, when The Daily was seen as possibly the future of journalism: It was, after all, a daily newspaper made just for the iPad, which is clearly the coolest thing in the history of ever. If The Daily couldn’t succeed—despite having the muscle and backing of media super-magnate Rupert Murdoch—what chance would poor schleps in the rest of the daily journalism business have to stay in business and turn a profit? (Never mind that The Daily didn’t quite seem to know who its audience should be or how to reach it, and hey, wasn’t it kind of weird that a digital publication should stick so ruthlessly to print patterns?) But: It didn’t succeed. Murdoch’s News Corp. announced today that the publication is shutting down this month. Which means, clearly, that’s there’s no future in journalism. Oh well. It was a nice run. [Politico]