Eagles Hire Former Inky Editor Anne Gordon As New Vice President

Because the Philadelphia Eagles are looking to re-orient themselves towards success and away from the disastrous, embittering decline of the last few years, they of course have looked to the newspaper industry for help. Anne Gordon, the former managing editor and vice president of the Philadelphia Inquirer, has been hired as the team’s new “Senior Vice President of Media and Communications.” Gordon worked at the Inquirer between 1999 and 2007, the last five of those as the managing editor. More recently she’d been known as as a public ally of Jeffrey and Marsha Perelman in that family’s never-ending litany of squabbles and internecine lawsuits—which is also good training to become the spokesperson for unending calamity, come to think of it. In any case, Gordon’s former colleagues in journalism seemed to take the announcement of her new job with a wry sense of humor:

So there’s that. Gordon starts her new job on Jan. 2—just a couple of days after the team’s season-ending game against the Giants. Will her first act be to introduce a new head coach? [Philadelphia Eagles]