Eric Lindros Marries The Only Woman in Quebec Who Doesn’t Hate Him

Those Philadelphians who don’t hold a grudge against Eric Lindros will remember that he ended up in Philadelphia at all because he refused to play for the Quebec Nordiques, who had drafted him. (Note to anyone under 18: Quebec had a National Hockey League team until, well, shortly after Lindros refused to play for it.) They certainly remember it Quebec, where Lindros is not-so-fondly remembered for saying things like, “Why go into a situation where you know you’re not going to be happy? Why try to force someone to live in an environment when it’s going to affect his game and the entire team?” The Nordiques traded the rights to Lindros to the Flyers, and the rest was hockey history—until last week, when Lamarche married the only woman in Quebec who doesn’t still hate him, Kina Lamarche.  Still, we wouldn’t just saunter through dark Montreal alleys if we were Lindros just yet. We’re pretty sure all is not forgiven. [Montreal Gazette]