Soccer Toughens Up Over Homophobia

Fines and suspensions help put an end to anti-gay talk on the field

Gay slurs may be going the way of the Dodo in the soccer world. After a Seattle player was fined for dropping the “f” bomb about a player on the opposing team, the talk has switched to how much is too much homophobia in the professional sports world?

Major League Soccer has not only been proactive in fining and suspending players for using anti-gay language on the field, but players could face even more serious suspensions if the behavior continues. It’s a far cry from the lightweight reactions in the NFL, NHL and NBA, where a half-dozen players have been caught using anti-gay slurs during games and at press events.

Case in point: When Philadelphia Eagle DeSean Jackson referred to a radio caller as a “gay-ass-faggot,” he faced no penalty from the commission. None.

Click here to listen in on what got Seattle’s Marc Bunch fined and suspended recently (may not be safe for work).