Fountain, Philly Tippers Get High Marks From Zagat

Zagat released its America’s Top Restaurants 2013 list today, and with it offered a bevy of other information in collected during its annual rankings process. For one thing: The service says that Fountain is the city’s best restaurant, and offers this appraisal: “Philadelphia’s No. 1 for Food, Decor and Service, the Four Seasons’ ‘formal but comfortable’ French-Continental standout makes you ‘feel like royalty’ with ‘fabulous’ ‘feast’ of  ‘succulent, creative’ fare and ‘impeccable’ service in a ‘beautiful’ setting; ‘you feel rich just being there’, though maybe less so after you leave – but ‘go ahead and splurge’ since most agree it’s the ‘standard by which all other restaurants should be judged.’” (In Atlantic City, Bacchanalia takes top honors.) Back at home, though, comes one more interesting piece of information: Philadelphians are the most generous tippers among the cities where Zagat does its ratings. That’s honestly the first time we can remember that Philadelphia has ranked high on a good list. We’re No. 1! We’re No. 1! [Google Blog]