Italian Nobleman Apparently Reborn as Pink Floyd-Loving Hippie at Philadelphia Museum of Art

A popular Reddit thread at this hour features this picture of a young man at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, standing next to a Renaissance-era painting of an Italian nobleman who looks exactly like him. Mind-blowing! We were already contemplating the sci fi/fantasy implications—had the Highlander at last been found?—when Reddit user “pepesilvia,” the young man’s girlfriend, offered this background on the pic: “This was in the middle of the armor exhibit, so he was too preoccupied with pretending he was in Skyrim and had to pick his armor and weapons. And then there I am in the middle of a silent art museum trying to stifle a giggle fit,” she wrote. “He still doesn’t see it.” He’s just saying that, because he’s clearly the Italian nobleman, trying to hide his modern-day identity so he can fight the forces of evil for eternity. [Philadelphia Museum of Art]