Nah’Easter Love-Taps City

Just a little 'burb snow for us, but parts of Jersey and New York got whacked again. Plus: The now-disjoined twins are doing great, a morning mugging spree, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today.

Athena Wisely Avoids Philly. You can’t blame us for our Post-Sandy Stress Disorder freakout yesterday, but in the end the season’s first nor’easter pretty much gave us a pass. Unfortunately, some of the Shore and Long Island weren’t so lucky. [NBC Philadelphia, The New York Times]

Hundreds of Muggings Scheduled for Center City This Morning. Armed with a $15,000 Knight Foundation grant, an Old City art studio plans to hand out 500 handmade coffee mugs to random java jonesers at five locations that will remain secret until Twitter gets hold of them. [NewsWorks]

Former Penn State President Formally Charged. Graham Spanier was arraigned in Harrisburg yesterday on eight counts, including perjury and child endangerment, for his alleged role in covering up Jerry Sandusky’s years of sexual abuse of children. []

And Now We Are Two. CHOP officials confirmed late last night that the operation to separate eight-month-old conjoined twins Allison and Amelia Tucker went “very well and as expected.” The sisters, the 21st pair of twins to be separated at the hospital, are being monitored closely but should make a full recovery. [CBS Philly]

Walmart Turns Black Friday Into Thanksgetting Thursday. To better spread out the flow of EMS vehicles to its 3,000 Supercenters across the country, the retail behemoth will begin its chaos-inducing holiday sales at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving, two hours earlier than last year. [The Atlantic Wire]