Police Still Looking for Inmates That Escaped During Hurricane Sandy

On Sunday night, the power went out at Community Education Center’s Hoffman Hall in North Philadelphia. Four inmates used seized the moment and darted out an unlocked door, marking the first escape from Philly’s prison system since 2010. Police are still looking for the four men and urge anyone that sees them to call 911. Their rap sheets are mostly populated by drug offenses and probation violations.

Rafael Zayas, 34; Robert Collins, 22; James Foulk, 25; and Erik Gomez, 27, were “low-custody” inmates at the hall, the city’s only subcontracted jail, prisons spokeswoman Shawn Hawes said. The hall, on D Street near Luzerne, houses about 230 pre- and posttrial male drug offenders and offers an intensive treatment program intended to prevent relapse, Hawes said. [Daily News]