NFL Players Say Fumble-Prone Michael Vick is Overrated

It will probably come as a surprise to Philadelphia Eagles fans to hear that quarterback Michael Vick is overrated. After all, they’ve spent this season tearing their hair out and filling the local Twittersphere with digital howls of angst every time Vick fumbles. (Which, uh, has been often enough to warrant this headline.) There was even some talk he’d lose his job over the bye week. How can someone so unloved by his own fan base be “overrated?” But there you have it: A new Sports Illustrated poll of 180 NFL players says Vick is the fourth most-overrated player in the league. Lucky for Vick, that places him only second in the NFC East—Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is one slot ahead of him at No. 3. But Eagles fans can take consolation from this: At least they’re not Jets fans—Tim Tebow and March Sanchez grabbed the top two slots on the list.  [Sports Illustrated]