Fall From Grace: Smashing Pumpkins Tickets for $17

I’m not sure if it’s a sign of our economic troubles, an indicator of the state of the concert and music industries, or commentary on the fact that Billy Corgan is the only remaining original member of the band he’s still calling “The Smashing Pumpkins”, but whatever the case, Travelzoo is offering normally $35 tickets to the band’s November 2nd concert at Susquehanna Bank Center for just $17, a 51.4% discount. And good seats at that. The company also recently advertised a half-off deal to Heart at the Tower.

With these deep discounts and the new initiative to sell surplus concert tickets via Redbox to big shows that aren’t selling out (like Carrie Underwood at Wells Fargo Center), clearly concert promoters are struggling to sell tickets. Now if they’d only offer half-price beers once you actually got into a show, they’d be onto something.