Blatstein Plans Lavish Party to Unveil $1 Billion Casino Proposal

Bart Blatstein—the developer who completely re-imagined Norther Liberties—plans to have 150 of Philly’s “movers and shakers” over to his catering hall, Tendenza to stay up all night playing video games and drinking Mountain Dew unveil his proposal for an “unprecedented, $1 billion resort and casino complex” at the former home of the Inquirer and Daily News. You know the shindig is going to be legen… wait for it… dary because Blatstein is calling it a “lavish launch party” and says it will be invitation-only. We’re only going if there will be robot butlers and a champagne fountain. Oh, and some of those hand-held masquerade masks so we can cover our faces when things get weird. (There’s a champagne fountain, so things are gonna get weird.) Feel free to insert your own Eyes Wide Shut joke wherever you deem necessary.

Does Philly need another casino, when local venues in Chester, Valley Forge, Fishtown and Bensalem are wrestling for customers, and Atlantic City’s gambling halls are foundering?

Sure, says Bart in his statement: “The sheer size, scope and multi-faceted amenities of this unique resort and casino complex will make it a regional tourism attraction that will ignite other area development and push the prosperity and boundaries of Center City north on Broad Street.” And we’re betting contractors, union workers, hotel and parking operators, and local government agencies that will benefit from more betting will line up on Bart’s side.  [Inquirer]