West Chester Woman Says Casey Anthony Is an Illuminati Actress Conspiring to Kill Her

A judge has reportedly dismissed a lawsuit, filed on behalf of a West Chester woman, in Florida’s U.S. District Court. In the lawsuit, Naomi Riches accuses Casey Anthony of being an Illuminati actress who conspired to put cameras behind Riches’ eyes to film a reality show for the “Elite.” Riches’s suit claims that Anthony called her to divulge an avalanche of information, including that Anthony and Nancy Grace are conspiring to fill the media with propaganda to convince people that justice exists. Riches also filed a suit in Texas against Jay-Z and Beyoncé, claiming they were working with President Barack Obama to kill her. She’s got another suit against Denver9 News involving her husband and the mail of accused Aurora shooter, James Holmes.

“This action is a civil rights violation and federal tort claims inflicted on the plaintiff by 9news, in particular Jeremy Jojola who looks like a dick in a suit,” that document reads. Riches requested a retraining order against all 9 News content distributed, which she claims violates her copyrighted material. “I’ll have the courts know ahead of time that any criminal activity I am accused of in the future is knull [sic] and void and merely due to the fact that Jeremy Jojola has a personal vendetta toward my husband Jonathan Lee Riches.” [Metro]