Celeb Scoop: MythBusters Prove Rose Could Have Saved Jack at the End of Titanic

Plus: Kate Gosselin probably hates dogs, LiLo and Dina have it out, Elizabeth Banks has a new show, and more of today's celebrity news.

Rose Was Needlessly Selfish. Remember the end of Titanic when Rose is hogging the raft and Jack drifts away and dies? Well, it turns out that James Cameron is full of shit and Rose totally could have just scooched over to save the love of her life. Thanks, MythBusters. [Gawker]

Kate Gosselin: Dog Hater? The celebumom still won’t go away. People are still talking about her because she was allegedly cruel to the family’s German shepherds and only got them because it was good for ratings. Apparently she used to leave them in their filthy cages for days without food. [Radar Online]

It’s Always Sunny Gets Trashy. Well, trashier. The show’s eighth season kicks off on Thursday with an episode about a garbage strike in Philly. Rob McElhenney says part of the episode’s inspiration was his 2-year-old’s obsession with big trucks.

New Elizabeth Banks Comedy. Penn alum Elizabeth Banks is reportedly producing a new sitcom for CBS about an Ivy League grad who moves to L.A. and lives with two Playboy Bunny types. [Cinema Blend]

Kevin Bacon Ads. Check out the creepy new ads for Kevin Bacon’s show The Following. It premieres on Fox in January. [E]

Beyoncé Leaves A Star Is Born. Beyoncé was all set to star in Clint Eastwood’s remake of A Star Is Born, but the singer has reportedly bailed on the project. Eastwood is looking at Esperanza Spalding as a replacement. [Vulture]

LiLo and Dina Cat Fight. Lindsay Lohan and her moms apparently Had. It. Out. in their Long Island home. Blood was drawn and the cops were called. They didn’t declare a winner, so, by virtue of mutual disqualification rules, LiLo retains her championship belt. [E]