AUDIO: Michael Smerconish Dissed by Led Zeppelin at Press Conference

On Tuesday morning, I emailed 1210-AM radio host Michael Smerconish about the Barbra Streisand concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. His response: “Sorry to out cool you. I am with Led Zeppelin.” Indeed he was. In New York, Led Zeppelin held a press conference about their upcoming concert film Celebration Day, and according to Rolling Stone, the event didn’t go so well, with the band giving the journalists — Smerconish included — a hard time.

Here’s a short clip of Smerconish asking a question of Led Zeppelin and not exactly getting a friendly answer. Tune in to his show to hear the rest of the story.

Michael Smerconish at the Led Zepplin press confrence by Smerconish